10 Best Sports Live Streaming Free Sites List

10 Best Sports Live Streaming Free Sites List

10 Best Sports Live Streaming Free Sites List

The thing about the world as I see around is that everyone is constantly on the move. While this seems amazing it does have its issues. Amongst various things, sports fans are quite affected. Watching most sports require some time and dedication, and it is not possible to be in front of the television all the time.

This is a crucial reason why live streaming is becoming a highly preferred option for people of all ages, especially when it comes to sports. But there are multiple sites that offer good quality live streaming and it becomes quite a hassle to understand which one of them holds up their end of the bargain. Here is my list of the top 10 best sports live streaming free sites list. Just make sure that you have Adobe Flash Player which will help you through most of these.

10. All Sport Live

The site is an extremely preferred option when it comes to international sports, rather than catering to the US sports. This allows its viewership to extend to several countries.

9. Laola1

Going well with the trend of modern user interfaces, Laola1 has an excellent UI. The site has a separate section that shows the live sporting events from across the world and the rest of the sections to watch pre-telecasted videos. Going beyond the general sports, the website also streams ice hockey, table tennis and volleyball.

8. BossCast

The website is highly popular for US based sports. Although it does stream other sports for free, the US sports are given quite notably. Also, the major advantage of this site is that its videos are in amazing quality.

7. RugbyOnlineStream

Yes, I know that the website is all about rugby. But it stands as the ideal way a website should be chalked out for a sport. Right from the onset the website has a nice introductory screen which clearly offers two live streaming modes, a free one and a HD one.

6. VIP League

It isn’t one of the smoothest websites nor is a super high quality one. But what makes it special is the crazy number of options that the website provides. In addition to providing most sports, it also gives a variety in the language options, by offering French, German etc. Sadly, this site is blocked in a lot of countries including India which makes it lose a lot of viewers.

5. Stream2Watch

The website works through a simple interface to deliver the best ever. On the home page itself it gives you a host of live streaming options. It also has several mirrors so that you can choose from alternatives, although I found the first one to work just fine. The only thing that is pulling down the site is the sheer number of pop-ups.

4. CricFree

You know how names can be misleading. Well, here is a fine example. The site streams not just cricket but all other common sports that one can see. The site didn’t have adequate permissions and thus is banned from lot of countries. However, one could use any VPN to gain access to it.

3. ESPN Player

The king of the jungle leaves no stone unturned. ESPN is a pretty classy sports channel and its no surprise if you find out that the website for live streaming is also quite amazing. The UI is sleek and impressive. The only reason I didn’t place this at number one is that it provides streaming of just US sports.

2. HotStar Sports

The site has boomed in the Asian market and rightly so. I personally have been a regular visitor of HotStar. In fact, it has its own app. No sign-ins required and no pop ups. Not just sports, you can choose it to watch your TV channels.

1. From Hot

The website has a simple and plain interface which makes it easy to operate. Beyond the standard high viewership sports that channels generally cater to, the live streaming site provides other sports as well such as football, baseball, hockey, tennis, golf, cycling, motorsports etc. The site is completely free of cost. One of the most amazing things about this site is that it has a chatting window. This allows users with similar interests to share the opinions and discuss the sport simultaneously.

So here was my list of the top websites that I found. You may obviously have your own preferences and the next time you are planning of live streaming any sport, tap into a website in this list or explore something on your own and have fun!

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